World Values Day

As the World transforms on so many levels, what we believe in and stand up for has never been as important. At the same time, the pressures on us are intense and make it difficult to hold to our values and act as we believe we should.

 As part of World Values Day 2020 the Resilience at Work Global Community facilitated a number of webinars based on a survey and several LinkedIn polls.  The aim was to stimulate discussion around the values that impact on resilience at work.  In line with the systemic approach we apply in building resilient workforces, we explored values at the employee, team, leader and organisational level.

The results presented here are not definitive, rather a starting point for you to reflect on your values and those in your workplace.

The Values-Resilience Connection

Our research into resilience at work has demonstrated that values play a big part.  We have found that a values breach has a dramatic impact on our resilience and will prompt us to leave a job if we can.  Similarly, at a team level a clash of values can cause conflict and even team dysfunction

Within our R@W Sustain 7 model shown below, it is the  Living Authentically (S1) component that includes an awareness and alignment with values.  Investment in this component, together with the other six, creates resilience at work.  (Learn more about the model at

Using the survey and poll results here, we invite you to explore which values are currently important in workplaces.  The polls were a forced choice option on individual LinkedIn posts.  The survey results were part of a global questionnaire comprising people working mainly in professional and semi-professional occupations.

We have added some questions for your reflection…