Developing benchmarks in school

As part of an ongoing research project into the development of a capability benchmark framework, the RAW Toolkit was used by a partner organisation ‘PeopleBench’ to assess the necessary development areas for education professionals.

the challenge

Effective workforce framework development.

the engagement

618 staff underwent individual resilience assessments.

the impact

Clear direction on necessary resilience characteristics.

The Challenge

Fleur Johnston and her team at PeopleBench, a school workforce improvement company, used the R@W Individual assessment as part of an exploratory project which aimed to better understand the characteristics of a strong, effective school workforce.

The engagement

A sample of 618 staff in 13 independent faith-based schools across Australia self-nominated to participate in the assessment; these staff represented a broad cross-section of the workforce in terms of demographics, tenure in their schools and the type of role they performed at the school (e.g. teaching, leadership, business support, administrative support).

The impact

While there were some differences between schools and between role types, strong and consistent themes emerged with regard to the sample’s resilience strengths and its target areas for development.  

partner organisation:

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