supporting not for profit ceos in challenging times

Executive and senior leadership often face a large amount of pressure as a direct result of immense responsibilities. The R@W Toolkit was enlisted to support and empower the executive leadership team of a Not-For-Profit organisation facing turbulent times.

the challenge

Major funding cuts impacting executive morale.

the engagement

Resilience workshops and training over full quarter.

the impact

Re-alignment with organisation values and renewed sense of purpose.

The Challenge

Developing executive resilience in the face of major funding cuts and industry changes in not for profit (NFP) community services.

The engagement

The program included two senior leaders from each of a diverse range of 8 x NFP community service organisations – mainly disability and aged care.  For the small organisations, participants included the CEO.  Three workshops were held over 3-months and included all aspects of the R@W Toolkit.  Strategies developed at workshops were  implemented between sessions.

The impact

Each organisation presented the outcomes of program attendance at a ‘show case’ for other participants and invited guests.  Common themes included re-assessing the organisation’s purpose and realigning the strengths and roles of leaders around new directions; actions to better lead during uncertainty; managing perceived values misalignment with funding requirements and improved strategies to assist staff manage emotionally demanding work. 

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