Rising to a 21 Day Self Care Challenge in Public Health

Resilience at Work (R@W) Case Study

the challenge


the approach


the outcome


The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges for workforces around the world, and the healthcare sector in particular. The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), a province-wide health authority that provides specialized services across British Columbia, employs 23,000 diverse clinical and non-clinical workers, many of whom were disproportionately affected by the pandemic. PHSA’s Psychological Health and Safety team recognized the heightened fear and anxiety created by the onset of the pandemic, and the potentially negative impact on employee mental health and resilience. The team identified the need for capacity building support to boost staff resiliency, quickly and effectively. This was a particularly challenging task given the rapid changes and variety of working environments, from home settings to onsite direct patient care, including paramedicine.

The engagement

PHSA’s Psychological Health and Safety Team created a 21 Day Self-Care Challenge to promote resilience and self-care habits among all staff during the pandemic.

Staff who registered for the Challenge received daily emails that included a self-care challenge activity based on the Sustain 7 factors of the Resilience at Work (R@W) Individual Model, along with resources and tips. Find the full 21 Day Self-Care Challenge slides here

The impact

Over 1,000 staff participated in the Challenge. Feedback from staff surveys showed that the Challenge met participants’ expectations (93%), was engaging (92%), helped staff incorporate self-care practices into their daily routine (89%), and helped to maintain resilience (89%).

 “It just felt like a boost to my mental health and coping. I really appreciate and felt supported in the mental health component of this massive change.”

 “The 21 day Self-Care challenge came in at such a great time and helped bring a ‘what about me’ perspective into the bigger picture of our uncontrollable influences around us. It was a relief to receive a daily reminder to reflect and do something that benefits myself and others around me in a great positive way!”

Participants most valued the reminder to take time for self-care, the opportunity for reflection and mindfulness, the simple and practical challenges, and learning about coping strategies and stress reduction techniques. For more information about the 21 Day Self-Care Challenge, you can contact psychhealthsafety@phsa.ca.

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