community services organisations addresses poor morale

Poor morale is a challenge facing almost every organisation and team at some point in its lifecycle. This renowned community service organisation engaged the RAW Toolkit for intensive training.

the challenge

Public perception pressure affecting team members.

the engagement

Intensive resilience training retreat for all staff.

the impact

New team strategy development and individual staff development plans.

The Challenge

This organisation has an excellent long-standing reputation for providing services to the rough sleepers.  A series of events occurred in the immediate neighbourhood that divided the community and attracted substantial media attention over a number of months. The result was additional pressure in already challenging roles and low morale.  The brief was for the whole organisation to re-group its resilience, individually and collectively.

The engagement

A one-day retreat was designed for all staff that allowed assessment and reflection on personal resilience and actions and a range of activities exploring teamwork and leadership.  Using the R@W Team refection cards, each sub-unit developed a plan to build their team resilience.  Oher activities supplemented this exploring collaboration across the business.

The impact

Specific plans were made for across team collaboration.  At a unit level, each team including the Executive identified 2 strengths to leverage and 2 areas for development in their team resilience.  Each employee was coached by two colleagues on an aspect of resilience shown through their R@W assessment as needing development.  The day allowed a recognition of strengths, re-energising and a multi-levelled plan to maintain resilience in moving forwards.

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