The WWR Network


Working With Resilience is a consortium of practitioners and researchers with a professional interest in workplace resilience. Together, the WWR network is committed to advancing research into measuring and building resilience in organisations and to developing workplace programs and interventions that have a strong evidence base.

 The WWR network is internationally distributed, and is comprised of members from a vast variety of academic institutions. The WWR Network and international partners distribute the R@W Toolkit, and WWR research throughout the World. Our network allows for the constant iteration and improvement of the Raw Toolkit and it’s associated database.

Practitioners of the toolkit operate around the world across a wide variety of industries. Linking up to an accredited practitioner allows for the implementation of the R@W scales and toolkit from an accredited, experienced professional. 


How to join our network 

The WWR network welcomes professionals, academics, and thought leaders from around the world.

R@W Accreditation

Attend a R@w Toolkit accreditation workshop and join our network of practitioners who use the Raw scales in their workplaces and for their clients.

r@w scales for research

Use the R@w scales in empirical research or toward a new research project and become a part of our network of researchers and academics. content

Become a part of our network through the contribution of content to our content and resource platform.

Connect to a R@w practioner

Get in touch to be connected with a R@W practioner in your area.