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Welcome to our video content library where you’ll hear from resilience expert Kathryn McEwen, as well as a wide a variety of other specialists on the many aspects of resilience and how it can be used to create optimised teams and individuals. Series

Our signature video series. The video series aims at dissecting the latest research in resilience and providing practical application of resilience concepts to real world scenarios. 

surf the wave; trends in team resilience 

In this video series Kathryn explores the trends she is seeing around team resilience.  She offers teams ideas for taking on emerging challenges.



Meet the community

Get to know the community. 

Leading In Uncertainty

Our ‘Leading in Uncertainty’ series is aimed at providing insight and guidance to team and organisation leaders who are navigating decision making and strategy in times of upheaval and rapid change.

Practical Tips

Hear from resilience expert Kathryn McEwen on the practical ways in which resilience research and insight can make a different to the lived experience in your workplace.

Thinking With Resilience

Learn about incorporating resilient thinking into your mindset, and the importance of thinking through obstacles with resilience front of mind.

Resilience And Habits

Healthy habit formation is a crucial component of any resilient individual or team. Hear about how to practically apply resilience theory to every day behaviour. Webinars

Our webinar series delves into the latest insights from Resilience research and how to apply it practically.