COVID-19 related changes to business across all departments required resilience training and support.

the challenge

COVID-19 related changes requiring extra resilience support.

the engagement

R@W Assessment and coaching for pilot group of staff.

the impact

Increased resilient responses in majority of staff on post assessment.

The Challenge

An international finance company sought ways to support staff working from home during COVID-19 who had been identified informally by leaders as being more at risk of not managing well. 

The engagement

A trial was conducted initially with six people.  Participating staff members undertook the R@W Individual assessment and were provided coaching on the basis of the results.  Coaching included a 1.5-hour session during which coachees self-identified coaching themes and opportunities. Each person developed an action plan, an understanding of the R@W model and were provided with a workbook they could refer to for on-going reflection and action planning.

Personal follow up by the HR Leader indicated that those involved in the trial had found it extremely valuable.  Managers were then asked to identify staff that they felt would find independent coaching support valuable and  invited them to participate.  The process was voluntary and confidential.

The impact

One fifth of employees were offered assistance, with 95% of these engaging in the process.

All participants developed individualised plans to address their concerns and better manage during the uncertainty and changed working arrangements.  Self-reported feedback on the value of the support was very positive.

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