global aid organisation returns to its core mission

A global, well-known aid organisation were experience rapid transformation and change to both their work and the work of their partner organisations.

the challenge

Support for teams going through large scale organisational change.

the engagement

Series to promote understanding and building resilience.

the impact

Team wide commitment to empowerment of resilience.

The Challenge

This organisation was about to announce a major transition where they would only provide services related to their core mission.  Funding and other factors had created a range of service offerings over time that were not sustainable.  The implication of this for staff was potential job loss or movement into other roles.

The brief was to provide ‘just in time’ support to a diverse group of approximately 100 leaders across a large geographical region with a limited budget.  This support was to provide immediate practical advice plus a roadmap for promoting resilience throughout the transition.  The intervention  would be supplemented by their Employee Assistance Program.

The engagement

A 3-part webinar series for was scheduled for all leaders using an external R@W practitioner.  This commenced with an overview of the R@W Team and R@W Individual models and specific advice on aspects of the 7 components most relevant on announcement to staff of the change.  Subsequent webinars included the individual and team models, with specific strategies relevant to the context.  The webinars were followed by progress review seminars and supported by R@W resources distributed by an in-house R@W accredited user.

The impact

Leaders devised specific actions for their own resilience and for leading teams during this period of stress and uncertainty.  They commited to sharing and review progress and appreciated that they could take a ‘deeper dive’ into the R@W Toolkit through use of workbooks, reflection cards and by undertaking of R@W assessments.

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