preventing burnout in specialist hospital workers

Specialist health care workers face large demands on their cognitive and emotional resources. The R@W Toolkit was used to build an ongoing resilience program to provide staff with valuable support and resources.

the challenge

High pressure working environments causing burnout in team members.

the engagement

18-month resilience program developed for all team members.

the impact

Project currently in progress and part of a PhD thesis.

The Challenge

Working in health is rewarding yet challenging and staff burnout is a known risk.  This department of a public health service decided to address resilience as part of an WHSE risk initiative.

The engagement

An 18-month program was developed.  It commenced with the senior leadership team undertaking all aspects of the R@W Toolkit over 3 months.  A core group of staff were then trained in R@W delivery and a multi-level roll out designed including workshops, coaching, lunch time sessions, team and leader support and general education around resilience.  Pre and post whole of organisation data on individual and team resilience and general health was used as evaluation, together with information gathered in quarterly progress reviews. 

The impact

This program is in progress and includes evaluation via a phD thesis.

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