White Paper: Resilience is a ‘team of teams’ sport

Are you likely to be replaced by a bot or an algo-rhythm? Are you part of the gig economy with its job uncertainty? Is your role becoming more complex and your customers more demanding? Are you trying to keep up with industry changes or tasked with leading disruption at an unrelenting pace? 

If so, welcome to a new era at work where resilience will be core to your success. 

This paper explores how to create clarity around what resilience is at work, generate energy towards achieving and deliver successful outcomes for our organisations.

We know that if you are tasked with helping build workplace resilience, you will be more successful if you:

Clearly define resilience by:

  • Redefining work resilience as being about strengthening future performance rather than coping better
  • Educating that resilience is a dynamic state and that we can rewire the brain and cultivate it. Fixed traits such as our personality do not define it
  • Having an evidence-based framework that synthesises the complexity of resilience into straightforward language suited to the workplace.

Consider the workplace context by:

  • Understanding the context and customising your approach to address the challenges being experienced ‘on the ground’.

Taking a systemic approach by:

  • Creating sustainable change by taking a systems approach to your interventions – recognising that what we do personally, how our leaders behave and what is happening in our environment dynamically interact.
  • Aligning individual, leader and team coaching and support – recognising that it’s the interconnections that matter.

Offer relevant evidence-based advice by:

  • Providing practical strategies, within people’s scope of influence to change
  • Integrating research on how to manage pressure and challenge with neuroscience findings and evidence around the elements proven to promote thriving at work.

Integrate what you do with business strategy and systems by:

  • Moving resilience training from wellbeing programs to longer-term initiatives that define and build the cultures that we need in our organisations for them to be persistent, agile, and relevant in a changing landscape.
  • Aligning employee actions with organisational resiliency processes promoted in functions such as business continuity, cyber security, risk management and emergency response.

If these possibilities prompt a desire to explore more, then click on our Whitepaper for a deeper dive…

Resilience is a ‘team of teams’ sport

Working with Resilience White Paper
Kathryn McEwan
Organisational Psychologist