Stepping Up in Unprecedented Times

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

As we all know, the past few months have been unprecedented, forcing us to make changes of all kinds, while still trying to move forward with our daily lives. The pandemic has brought forth an unusual combination of apprehension and unknowing with new normality and routines. This has no doubt resulted in an uneasy sensation that has been hard to adjust to. For some, it has been a difficult transition with many added stressors, while for others, it has provided the opportunity for some much needed down time. No matter what your experience has been, it seems nothing is better suited for these times than fostering resilience. Whether it be using this period to find your true calling, maintaining perspective and staying optimistic, mastering stress, or building networks, the 7 components of resilience can be perfectly applied right now.

Importantly, the past two weeks have also demonstrated the critical need to unify our voices and come together to dismantle racism and injustice in our homes, workplaces, and broader community. The horrific acts being protested across the US, Canada, and the world are not isolated events, but ones that shine a crucial light on systemic racism. We are beyond the time for change. We must interact cooperatively and commit to listening, educating ourselves, asking tough questions, and taking action.

We are witnessing history and we are growing. What felt impossible has become thinkable. This past spring is suggestive of how much, and how quickly, we can remain resilient through change as individuals and more importantly, as a civilization.

By Dr. Catherine Carr for