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Team wide commitment to empowerment of resilience.


The basic principles of resilience, and why we’ve created resilience.tv.

We’ve created this platform as an opportunity for a dedicated, empirically supported resource centre to answer any and all questions you might have about resilience for yourself or your team
Gain insight and understanding on a range of resilience related topics from a single source. resilience.tv content has been designed to expand horizons and offer practical advice and guidance on the potential impact of resilience tools.
We offer accreditation in the R@W Toolkit and the opportunity to become a part of our global community if you’d like to take your professional experience to the next level.
Explore the opportunities to connect with a global network of Working With Resilience professionals. Keep up to date with recent news and learn about case studies from around the world.

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2 sessions on Wednesdays, September 27th & October 4th, 2023, from 9 am- 1:30 pm PDT and 1 Peer Coaching Session Friday September 29th, 9 am-11 :00 am PDT. Register Here

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Wed March 1 & 8, 9 am-1:30 pm PT and Friday Mar 3, 9-11 am PT, 2023.



Resilience at Work Certification for Therapists with our WWR Specialist Trainer in Trauma – Angela Powell

R@W Advanced Accreditation in Mental Health

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Great to support Kristina Brown at Northumbria University, UK in researching team resilience in short tenure health teams

Researching Resilience in short tenure health teams during covid19


Great to support Kristina Brown at Northumbria University, UK in researching team resilience in short tenure health teams

Looking for Tips on Leading in Uncertainty?

Our new series, based on FAQs from managers is on our YouTube channel now.

How are medical staff in Tel Aviv managing during COVID19?

Humbled to be able to support Dr Bruria Adini at the Department of Disaster Management, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University in his research into the resilience levels of hospital personnel and district health and community practitioners right now.

Global webinars for ACCOR

Delighted to be supporting the global leaders of ACCOR in our upcoming webinars with Pierre Naquet interviewing Kathryn McEwen on Resilience During COVID-19

An introduction to the our Toolkit in Italian

Our Italy Lead Guido Prato Previde has just released a video series in Italian on LinkedIn.

What are the success factors for organizations during covid19?

Pleased to be supporting Dr Simon Schafheitle’s research in this area at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

New Publication Using our resources

Linking Human Resource Practice with Work Happiness Through Employee Resilience: Evidence from Pakistan by Muhammad Ali Muhammad Usman Ghani and Basharat Raza has just been published in the Global Regional Review

Working with Healthcare professionals at the moment?

Check out the podcast with Carol Duncan on this site for tips on moving from surviving to thriving.

Systematic review of resilience measures: Construction management graduates’ perspective

Check out this article by Mahmoud Ershadi, Peter Davis & Mohammad Tanvi Newaz in the International Journal of Construction Management for information on the relevance of our R@W Scale in this industry

The Impact of Sexism on Resilience for Indian Female Journalists

Congratulations to Zara Asif at the University of Punjab for completing her research into the relationship between resilience (using our scale), well-being and exposure to sexist micro-aggression for female journalists.

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Recent News

Stay up to date with the latest developments in resilience and well-being research with new blogs from the team.

resilience.tv reviews

Menante Du Plesiss

Consulting Psychologist

resilience.tv is an excellent resource for anyone looking to apply practical tips to their working life – I couldn’t recommend it any more!

Meg Hooper

Directing Psychologist

Having worked with the R@W toolkit for years now, having a content platform like resilience.tv is a great next step in bringing resilience tools and learning to the community.