Our members only section provides access to training resources and research to our WWR community. Feel free to download any resources and add value to your R@W Accreditation training perusing the content below.


E learning program

 With the move to increased virtual learning, our R@W Community are being asked to provide e-learning options to supplement existing resources. So, we have done the work for you with development of our new personal resilience online program based on the R@W Individual Scale and workbook. It is available only through our community and can be co-branded and customised to meet your client’s needs. It involves a license to you, allowing on-selling (at your own price-point) to multiple clients within that license. It is a great additional resource to extend your R@W debrief/coaching/counselling sessions or scale workshops or webinars across an organisation.

R@W E-Learning Program


Individual R@W Scale Instructions.

r@w Individual PowerPoint Slides

Individual R@W PowerPoint Slides

Debrief Script

Debriefing participants of individual R@W assessments.

Coaching guide

R@W Individual Coaching Guide .

sample report

R@W Individual Sample Report .


R@W Individual Reflection Cards Activities.

self care challenge

21 Day Self Care Challenge using the R@W framework shared with the R@W community of practice.

interpreting r@w results

A quick guide to interpreting R@W scale results effectively and efficiently. Read through a breakdown of report sections and content.

Formula for a R@W Team Report Debrief Session

read client stories

Find out how organisations and teams around the world have applied the R@W Toolkit.