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North American Time Zone

2 sessions on Wednesdays, September 27th & October 4th, 2023, from 9 am- 1:30 pm PDT and 1 Peer Coaching Session Friday September 29th, 9 am-11 :00 am PDT.  Register Here

Community of practice

Come along to hear R@W updates, share practice and meet members of our Community across the World.

Special Topics

Using Visualisation in Resilience Coaching, 18 May 9-10am South Australia (17 May North America) Book your place here

Part 2 – Neuroscience Special CoP, 13 June 2023 at 5pm United Kingdom Time (BST) which is 9-10am British Columbia Time (PDT) Register Here

Part 2 – Neuroscience Special CoP, 22 June 2023 at 9.30-10.30am United Kingdom (BST) which is 6-7pm (ACST) Register Here

team platform accreditation

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team Coaching for resilience

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  advanced training: Rebuilding teams in trouble

We’ve been fielding several queries from our community about readiness for facilitating R@W Team. COVID has created additional pressures on teams, many
of which have gone unresolved during remote working. As we are in the ‘resilience business’ it’s likely that some teams referred to us may not be functioning well.
In response, I am facilitating an advanced R@W programme that explores how to identify when restorative work is needed and how to build team functioning before implementing our standard R@W Team approach. The programme offers a practical road map for working with teams in trouble. I will share with you my successes and mistakes over 30 years of working with under-performing teams. There will also be ample opportunity for the group to share their experiences. We will cover everything from identifying that restoration is needed to writing proposals, diagnosing underlying issues and developing a sustainable plan. We will also explore how to lead into the use of the R@W Team  diagnostic and integrating other aspects of the R@W Toolkit and app where appropriate. I plan to keep the group If you’d like to join me, the booking and session details are below, Kath.

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advanced accreditation: mental health and trauma

Recent events have created a spike in the incidence of employee mental health issues.  As practitioners in the work resilience field, we are very likely to be coaching clients experiencing anxiety, depression or trauma.  In response to this, we are offering advanced accreditation for identifying and managing mental health issues in a R@W de-brief session.

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E learning program

 With the move to increased virtual learning, our R@W Community are being asked to provide e-learning options to supplement existing resources. So, we have done the work for you with development of our new personal resilience online program based on the R@W Individual Scale and workbook. It is available only through our community and can be co-branded and customised to meet your client’s needs. It involves a license to you, allowing on-selling (at your own price-point) to multiple clients within that license. It is a great additional resource to extend your R@W debrief/coaching/counselling sessions or scale workshops or webinars across an organisation.

R@W E-Learning Program

Formula for a R@W Team Report Debrief Session

read client stories

Find out how organisations and teams around the world have applied the R@W Toolkit.